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Sewer Connections

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Properties that have a private septic system may not need to be connected to a municipal sewer system even when this is available in their area. However, there are cases when a sewer connection may be required. When the sewage disposal needs appear to be exceeding what a private sewer can handle to an extent that it starts to pose an environmental hazard, hooking up a to a municipal sewer line may be necessary. However, even when a municipal sewer line is available, property owners are responsible for hooking up to the municipal sewer. Also, after connecting, they are responsible for maintaining the connecting lines.

Criteria for sewer line connections

Not all properties can be connected to a municipal sewer line. Some criteria must be met for this to be possible. In the first place, you must have a municipal sewer line running along the side of their property. It is also important that the sewer line available can handle the volume of water generated by the property. There is also a need to check with the local sewage disposal authorities to confirm if your property falls within the urban limits of local sewage disposal.

How to Find an Existing Municipal Sewer Line Connection

Since municipal sewer connection is not always available, one of the most important things that must be done is to look for an existing sewer line for your sewer connection. The simplest solution for this is to simply hire professionals that can easily help you find the sewer line connection. However, finding a sewer line connection is something you can do on your own. You can look around the entrance to your driveway or on the lawn at the edge of your property for the sewer line lid. There should be a red cap over the sewer line lid if it handles wastewater. For older homes, a sewer line lid may not be present at all and the line will be buried under your garden landscape or driveway. In this case, you need the help of professionals or you can check online for maps that can help you locate the sewer line.

Municipal Sewer Line Extensions

In cases where your area is not served by a municipal sewer line at all, you need to apply for a sewer line extension. For this, you and your neighbors will have to send a petition to the local authorities. The municipality authority may consider extending the line to your area if sufficient property owners sign the petition to request for the service. When the extension has been done, you can call for our sewer connection services to hook up your home sewage disposal system to the municipality sewer line.

Sewer Line Installation Costs

To connect your home sewer system to the municipality sewer line, you will need a sewer main line from your home that connects with the sewer line. This cost will be borne entirely by a homeowner since property owners are responsible for all improvements on their property. How much this cost will depend on several factors including the distance between the sewer line and your home, the amount of work to be done, material required, and the community sewer connection fees. Our sewer line connection service is top-quality and affordable. When you hire us for your sewer line connection, you can be sure of optimum value for your money.

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