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Drain Field Repair

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Neglecting the septic system of your home or commercial property can cause significant damages to your home. One of the major parts of your septic system that may become damaged with use is the drain field otherwise known as the leach field or leach drain. This is one of the most vital parts of any well-functioning septic unit. It serves the purpose of eliminating waste from the water released from the septic tank. This part of your septic system requires proper maintenance. And when it becomes damaged, you need proper drain field repair services to get it fixed. Not doing so on time may cause serious damage to your property and the costly drain field replacement may be required down the line.

Common drain field problems

The most common type of drain field problem is the build-up of biomat which can clog up the drain field entirely. This prevents the proper absorption of liquid into the soil in the septic system at the point where the water goes into the drain field lines. Biomat is produced during the anaerobic respiration of bacteria that break down waste in your septic tank. Proper leach field design and installation leave oxygen in the soil. However, as the oxygen depletes with time the oxygen will become depleted and biomat is formed through the action of the anaerobic bacteria in the drain field ditch forming a cot on the floor and walls of the ditch. This will make water absorption difficult in the ditch.

Signs your drain field is failing

Most cases of leech field damage go unnoticed for a long time and will get ignored until the damage becomes quite costly to repair. In some cases, the damage is even irreparable, and drain field replacement is required. However, to the observant homeowner, some of the signs of a failing drain field are noticeable long before the problem gets out of hand. Some of the signs to look out for include:

  • Foul odor especially near your septic tank or drain field
  • Wet spots or standing water above or around your septic tank
  • Slow drains in your home
  • Sluggish flushing toilets
  • Toilet and drain backups.

Note that some of these signs may also point to a plumbing problem or any other septic tank issues. But an expert will be able to tell you for sure which it is and recommend the best repair options.

What causes drain field damage

Drain field damage may be caused by several reasons. Some of the common causes of drain field damage include:

  • Not cleaning or pumping the septic tank as often as you should
  • Flushing excessive grease down the drain which causes a lack of oxygen
  • Collapsed drain field
  • Soil compaction above and around the drain field
  • Tree roots growing into your septic system

While some of these factors are beyond your control, you must recognize the factors that are within your control and take steps to avoid them.

How we fix drain fields

At Dover Septic Pros, we follow a time-tested and effective way to fix drain field issues. In the case of drain fields that have plastic pipes and gravel, it is possible to repair simple damages by hydro-jetting to get rid of build-up in the drain field pipes. We then use a pumper truck vacuum to suck out all the materials that may be clogging the leach field. We may also introduce new aerobic bacteria that will break down waste while releasing oxygen into the drain field. In most cases, this simple process is enough, although there are instances where a more comprehensive approach may be required.

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