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Septic System Design

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It is easy to take your home’s efficient septic system for granted. after all, the whole thing is out of sight once you flush water down the drain. However, the main reason why you don’t have to give so much thought to how your home septic system helps you get rid of wastewater is that you have a well-designed septic system designed to do the heavy lifting efficiently without breaking down. To get the best from your waste management system, you need to get the best of septic system design services.

Types of septic systems

There are several types of septic systems. In designing your septic systems, factors such as soil conditions, space limitations, your specific needs and budget must be considered. The basic conventional septic system consists of a septic tank with a drain field. This is suitable mostly for single-family homes. The main consideration in designing this type of system is ensuring that the drain field is located far enough from existing groundwater and water supply. However, in situations where you have a shallow soil depth, high groundwater, or presence of bedrock, you are better off with a mound septic system. This consists of a septic tank along with a sand mound and a pump tank. The wastewater will be pumped into the mound and is subsequently filtered down into the soil. Other common septic systems include drip distribution system, chamber system, recirculating sand filter systems, and aerobic system.

Septic design tests and analysis

In designing your septic system, we carry out comprehensive tests and analysis. We will survey the property and take soil samples for further analysis. Our professional soil scientists will carry out geological test pit evaluation to determine the condition of the subsurface soil and rocks. The results of these analyses will guide the process of choosing the type of septic system that will be best suited for the site. Our design methods take into consideration various elements of water disposal such as percolation, permeability, and absorption to design a system that works efficiently and does not fail due to heavy rainfall or storms

Septic system redesign

When you have a system that is badly designed, no amount of maintenance and servicing can save it from failure in the future. In such a case, the best course of action is to have the systems completely redesigned. You may also need to redesign an old and functional septic system if you are re-purposing or expanding a building with major changes to the septic requirements. For whatever reason you want your septic system redesigned, our technicians are always ready to help. We will carry out all the necessary inspections and analysis to design a system that is better than your previous installation.

Our septic design services

Dover Septic Pros has years of experience in designing full range septic systems for residential and commercial buildings. Our technicians have worked on all types of subsurface sewage disposal projects both types of buildings including single-family homes, apartment buildings, institutional facilities, retail stores, and other types of commercial buildings. Our designers understand the specific needs of septic systems for various types of buildings and we will design functional systems that serve your needs and comply with state and local regulations. Whether it is a new project or a redesign of an old system, we can provide the best solutions you can trust.

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