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Excavation Services

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The first step in any septic tank installation project is excavation. Excavation may also be required as a part of a general development project. At Dover Septic Pros, we have trained professionals that carry out site excavation for both residential and commercial septic tank installation project. We use modern site excavation equipment and machinery operated by highly experienced staff to ensure the best quality of excavation work

Groundwork For Professional Septic Tank Installation

Proper planning is and ground preparation is a part of any septic tank installation project. Once the land survey for your construction site has been completed, and the details of your septic tank installation have been worked out, our specialized crew can come on-site to begin excavation for your septic tank. Our site workers have years of experience working in dense areas and any form of difficult terrain to carry your excavation promptly so our team can install all the pipes and materials needed to get your project on track.

Regulatory Standards For Excavation

At Dover Septic Pros, we are committed to excellent service delivery with the highest regards to all the stipulated safety standards for construction projects in Dover, De. We are familiar with building regulatory standards for commercial and residential septic systems and we ensure that your project is carried out with strict adherence to the building codes as well as the safety and environmental laws starting from the ground excavation stage of the project.


After excavation, one of the essential projects that must be carried out is to replace the removed dirt after the septic tank installation has been completed. This is known as backfilling. It involves replacing the removed dirt to cover up the excavated portion of the soil once the septic installation and the rest of your pipework have been completed. We do our work in a clean and organized fashion to restore your site to the right conditions after the completion of the project.

Excavation for Septic Tank Removal/Abandonment

Excavation may also be carried out for the removal of an old or abandoned septic tank. When a septic tank is no longer in use, it must be removed properly to prevent safety hazards such as ground cave-in or collapse. Whether or not you intend to replace the old septic tank with a new one, the abandoned tank still has to be properly removed. To do this, our professional services will be required. First, we pump the septic tank to remove any waste that may still be left in it. Then the old tank is crushed and removed. The hole left behind will then be backfilled using compacted soil or concrete (or any other approved material). This must be done correctly to avoid settlement later in the future. You also need to document the location of the filled septic tank because of future construction projects on your site.

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